About Us

Maayo Medical is a modern outpatient clinic thoughtfully designed to provide a seamless patient-centered wellness experience.
We are strategically situated just a few minutes away from the international airport and tourism destinations in Mactan,
thus providing you an unrivaled location for healing, wellness, and leisure.



Recovery time is easier and more preferable when spent at home or in a hotel rather than in hospitals


Clinics do not have the stressful environment of a hospital


Outpatient surgeries have no hospital room charges and other related costs


Outpatient procedures have shorter treatment times and schedules are also set since there are no sudden emergency operations


Local and international hub

Cebu is located in the heart of the Philippines and boasts a modern international airport and seaports, making it very accessible to major cities in the country and Southeast Asia as well.

Business and tourism destination

The island is home to thousands of natural, historical, and cultural tourist destinations. It also has several cosmopolitan cities equipped with modern physical and IT infrastructures.

Warm hospitality

Locals have the innate Cebuano hospitality that is warm, personal, and thoughtful.

Hassle-free and Convenient Service

Readily-available results – With our integrated Health Information System, there’s no need to wait further for your physicians to access your patient records and diagnostic results.

Time savings – No more long queues at the doctor’s office. Our triage and appointment system will guide you in choosing and scheduling your preferred specialists.

Convenient payment methods – Guests with HMO coverage can enjoy a stress-free LOA verification while guests paying in cash can easily tap-and-pay using their Maayo Cards.

International Help Desk – We understand the special needs of our foreign guests so our international concierge will seamlessly facilitate your insurance, communication, and travel related concerns.

Top-of-the-line Facility

Fast, accurate, and reliable results – With our state-of-the-art medical equipment tailored with gold standards and professional excellence, we have faster and more accurate results that you can rely on.

Unique healing environment – Housed in a green building, relax and enjoy the hotel-like ambiance of the facility with comfortable waiting lounges and clinics with better recuperating environment.

DOH-endorsed medical tourism facility – Endorsed as the first medical tourism facility outside Metro Manila, experience the quality service with international standards at a reasonable price.

Pioneering medical programs – Avail of our new holistic wellness and healthcare programs on top of our preventive and curative services.

Thoughtful and Warm Medical Attention

Topnotch doctors – Feel safe with the care of our medical   professionals who both embody excellence on their respective specialty and compassion for their patients.

Hospitality-trained staff – Call a friend (‘Migo) or patient care assistants who, like our medical staff and receptionists, will warmly facilitate your needs.

Security – Your safety is our top priority. We have carefully designed the facility including our processes and systems with international standards on patient safety in place to make sure we deliver a delightful healthcare and wellness experience.



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With its plush lounges in waiting spaces, well-appointed consultation suites for doctors’ clinics, high-ceilinged lobby in the reception area, and top-class facilities, Maayo Medical strives to make every patient’s medical experience as hasslefree and efficient as possible.